Journalist, World Traveller, Dessert Connoisseur

Priscilla has backpacked across the Middle East and North Africa. From Turkey to Tunisia, Iraq to Palestine/Israel, she's brought back stories of people and their lives. Her most recent trip was to the border of Syria and Lebanon where she worked as a teacher at a makeshift refugee camp. She loves learning new languages, having acquired the Tunisian dialect most recently. She's worked as an Arabic translator for the Ottawa Citizen following the 2014 parliament shooting, conducting interviews with native Libyans.

Priscilla has a Master of Journalism from Carleton University and a degree in International Relations and Arabic from the University of Ottawa.

Priscilla is currently working as a journalist with CBC News. She's worked in the investigative unit, CBC North, and Toronto's digital team.


  • Adrienne Clarkson Award, Diversity-National-Digital category, RTDNA Canada

  • CBC Joan Donaldson Scholarship 

  • Diane King Stuemer Journalism Award 

  • CBC Barbara Frum Award for Interviewing, RTDNF Scholarship Foundation 

  • Tim Ralfe Memorial Scholarship for Journalism